Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Real Vacation

Dear Scarlett,
As you can see from the last two posts, we just got back from a vacation in Maui. We are so spoiled. Nonnie and Pops came with us, so you had four people to dote on you all week and pass you around at dinner when you were being fussy. You're not often fussy, but the main thing that ticks you off is being treated like a baby...you know, being put in a car seat and driven around, going anywhere in your stroller, lying on your back when you could instead be sitting up (or, better yet, standing!) You just want to be a part of the action.

Main activities included: selecting which adorable outfit you were going to wear each day, walking to breakfast and sitting on a balcony looking out at the ocean, lying in the shade by the pool, parading you around in your new bathing suit, visiting different beaches and towns, and eating eating eating. Nonnie and Pops went snorkeling one day (correction: Nonnie went snorkeling. Pops went with her, but stayed on the boat drinking champagne because he doesn't know how to swim. Maybe you and he could take lessons together.)

Dad and I got used to the fact that our vacations are going to be a lot different for a while. I wouldn't call it an action-packed trip, but it was exactly what the two of us needed. We got to go to dinner alone a couple of times while Nonnie and Pops took care of you. Our first date since you were born was at the Lahaina Grill where we ate fresh fish and drank a bottle of delicious wine. And talked about you. It was perfect.

Another highlight of the trip was when Pops asked me how he should wear his sweatpants to dinner...with the ankle zippers up (exposing a classy gray mesh) or down. I asked him to please put on different pants, perhaps a pair that he wouldn't wear to the gym. He grumbled, but complied, not before asking us all, "Why does Rob get to go to dinner when he's not wearing any socks?!" Your Dad, who has never been accused of looking unfashionable, was wearing nice pants and loafers, but it's true that he did not have socks on. Pops brought this up several times on our way to the restaurant. Pops also put together one of the most vivid outfits by the pool one day--a boldly patterned Hawaiian shirt with polka dot swim trunks. Sadly, there is no photo evidence of that ensemble.

Your verdict on the pool was hard to judge. We only took you in once, because the sun was so strong and even though we layered you with sunscreen, put you in a hat, a onesie and a swim diaper, I didn't want to take any chances with your peachy skin. You refused to smile in the pool, but you didn't cry either. You basically stared at the water distrustfully, stared at all of us distrustfully, and endured the experience until we took you out. At which point you fell asleep, so weary from all of our nonsense.

You were an absolute hero on the airplane rides (of which there were four). We flew to LA on our way to and from Maui. On the way back, you were particularly impressive. We flew the red-eye and I was terrified that it was going to cause a massive meltdown (you had one when we arrived at the hotel in Maui), but you handled it like a pro. And I guess you are a bit of a flight expert now, with 6 airplane trips on your resume. After many travel and layover hours, we got home on Father's Day. You and Dad hung out together and he opened his gifts. You got him steak knives and a photo of you--you violent little narcissist. He was very pleased.

It was a fabulous trip, and so much fun traveling with you. I'm thrilled that you are good at it and seem to enjoy it. We have many trips to look forward to!