Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Scarlett,
It is Sunday evening. Dad is watching football and swearing at the TV. I'm sure he won't be pleased with me for sharing that with you, but by the time you're reading this, I think you'll probably have experienced a few sporting events with Dad. So. That's what Dad is doing. We just ate Thanksgiving leftovers for what seems like the 47th time in three days, and they are still delicious. And still not gone.

You had your own small Thanksgiving feast. You liked pumpkin a lot, but were not all that impressed by the turkey. You sat in your highchair at the dining room table during dinner and drank an entire bottle while tilting your head sideways to watch everyone. I had one hand on your bottle and one hand on my food and I still managed to eat a couple of full plates. We were all so stuffed that night that we didn't even have room for pumpkin pie. We ate it for breakfast the next day.

You had a great time with Pops while he was here. You spent a lot of time roaming the hallway together and playing in your room. Pops brought you a book and an outfit, but you were most excited by the ribbon on the package. On Friday, we took you to the zoo for the first time. We saw lions, giraffes, monkeys, and penguins. And yet, your favorite animals were the ducks in the pond at the petting zoo. You started wriggling around in Pops' arms when you saw them, trying to get down to play with them. And those ducks don't even all belong to the zoo; most of them just flew in to hang around at the pond for a while.

You have several new faces that we've seen a lot lately. The first is Twinkle Eyes, which is a smiley face where your eyes disappear. The second is Scrunch Face, which is a mad face where your eyes disappear. The third is Tough Guy, which is a face for Daddy. It's a variation on Twinkle Eyes, but with less disappearing eyes, and more pouty lip. I'll try to get photos of all of these.

Your favorite book is Goodnight Moon. When Aunt Lizzie starts reading it, you rush over to her and sit patiently in her lap until the story is over. You love to pull yourself up to standing, and to "walk" around. You have started screeching again when you get excited, and the sounds that come out of your mouth are so shrill, you sound like a 1960s teenager at a Beatles concert.

You are so much fun, and we are enjoying every bit of you. Even Scrunch Face.