Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas trip

Dear Scarlett,
What a Christmas we had. We were in Chicago with Nonnie and Pops and basically my entire side of the family. Santa had to bring you a suitcase this year, so you could haul all your loot back to San Francisco. You got books, clothes, stuffed animals, a sit and spin, art supplies, temporary tattoos, puzzles, and cowboy boots. I got The Heart is a Lonely Hunter from my Secret Santa (Shishie) and a day at the spa from Nonnie. It was a fantastic holiday, despite the fact that you were still recovering from an ear infection. On the last day of your antibiotic, you suddenly sprouted hives all over your body. On Day 2 they traveled to your face and you looked like a (very cute) little puffball. We took you to the doctor three times in one week, and you seem to be in better shape now.

But those ears! They just keep getting infected, and we are now following Dr. Becker's suggestion to eliminate gluten and dairy from your diet. This is apparently the new thinking in pediatrics, and was seconded by the doctor we saw last week. I've been off of gluten for more than 7 months after testing positive for an allergy, so I am actually convinced that this will mostly be easy, even though you are a dairy queen of the highest order. The real issue will come when we go out for a meal and try to order something that is not grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese. Or a spoon and cheese.

Also, we are not allowed to call it a diet and are not supposed to mention to you that you are eating different food. Tonight you had [gluten-free] chicken tenders and broccoli for dinner, and [almond milk] ice cream for dessert. You were quite pleased, finishing everything on your plate. We'll try this diet for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Dad is skeptical, since we're not actually sure what should happen, and therefore what success might look like. But we're willing to try, because I think the next conversation is going to be about putting tubes in your ears.

But back to Christmas. I have to admit that I barely saw you. When Nonnie and Pops are around, you don't really let me or Dad put you to bed, get up with you in the morning, dress you, or look directly at you. You are Nonnie's girl. On our last morning, I came into your room to find the two of you fast asleep in each other's arms. And I am not complaining about sleeping those extra hours every day. That really made it feel like a vacation. We got to see most of our Oak Park friends, and you especially enjoyed a dinner out with Sigrid, and a play date at Amanda and Dan's house.

Today you told me, "Amanda's friend did not hug you."

"Who didn't hug you?" I asked.

"NO," you said. "YOU. Amanda's friend did not hug YOU."

"Who is Amanda's friend who didn't hug me?"


Ah yes, Amanda's good friend Noah, also known as her two-year-old son. We exchanged a high five at the end of the morning. The things you notice are fascinating to me. I actually feel like I got lots of hugs and love on our trip. We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner at Aunt Carolyn's house, with something like 40 people. You were a big hit in your sparkly blue dress, and when you left early with Pops, you blew everyone kisses and began belting out a song on your way out. Later you told me that you had a tantrum in the car and cried and cried. You are always telling on yourself.

So we're back home in San Francisco, and the exciting news is that Nonnie and Pops will be moving here for two months to take care of Baby Jack while Shishie goes back to work. They have their own apartment in a great neighborhood and we will get to see them all the time. I just hope I get to see you, too.