Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year

Dear Scarlett,
Happy new year! We spent our holidays in Chicago and Anderson, Indiana, and got to see tons of family and friends. Christmas morning at Nonnie and Pops' house was a blast. You and Jack opened a gazillion presents: Magna-tiles, art paper, Legos, books, and--your favorite thing--footie pajamas. It's all you asked for every time we discussed Christmas. And they even had a detachable hood! Bonus. Although we already lost the hood. So, unbonus.

In Anderson, we had a beautiful memorial for Uncle John. There were photos and videos, fireworks (too loud for you), and Chinese lanterns (only some of which ended up setting fire to the trees in the backyard.) The police were not called, and everything ended harmoniously. We listened to Aerosmith, Joan Jett and Tom Petty. Uncle John would have loved it, and I am super annoyed that he wasn't there. You played with Meadow and Layla, two of Aunt Jamie's other nieces, and just generally loved being in a house packed with great people. (I think I counted that 18 of us were staying there at once.)

School started again today, which is why I'm able to sit down in front of the computer for the first time in what seems like weeks. I LOVE SCHOOL.

Dad and I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year. I just want it to be a good year, full of work and play. I really mean that part about work, I've realized that I absolutely need projects to keep me busy, lest I go out of my mind sitting home alone every morning. Luckily, I have more than enough to stay occupied.

We're moving next month, which is beyond exciting. We're so ready to be in the new house, though it suddenly feels like there's a lot to do before the big day. For example, where exactly are we going to put all of our STUFF? The house is not huge, and to really set it up properly, we need the right kind of furniture, none of which we currently own. Lucky for you, this is not your problem, although, fair warning, you might find that some of your bigger toys have, um, disappeared, once we move. There are a lot of commas in that sentence.

I think 2013 was a better year than 2012, and I'm hoping 2014 is even better. It's funny to say that, because in some ways, things will definitely get harder. I need to get a wheelchair, and that's a psychological step I'm a bit nervous about. Physically, though, it will be really great, much like when I got Fiddlestick, my purple walker. But I'm looking forward to so many things this year. You will turn 4. Jack will turn 2. We'll enjoy the house, with its fire pit and ocean views. And I plan to do more writing, one of the things that makes me happiest.

I imagine you will continue to say and do hilarious things, which I also look forward to.

I love you,