Wednesday, April 9, 2014

London Bridge

Dear Scarlett,
At some point early in the year, we were reading one of your National Geographic Kids books (thanks, John Lalor!), and you discovered the fun fact that the London Bridge of falling down fame is now located in Arizona. This prompted a short discussion of the location of the United States in relation to England, and a much, much longer discussion of whether or not the London Bridge actually fell down.

It did not. We looked it up on Wikipedia (source of all truths) and discovered that the bridge was taken down when it looked like it was not going to hold up to all that traffic in the 1800s. This, in turn, sparked an art project.

And a continuing obsession with EVERY VERSION of EVERY SONG containing the words London Bridge. This includes many lullabies and nursery rhymes, but does not stop there. Fergie has a song called London Bridge. It contains a parental advisory warning. A band called Mindless Self Indulgence has a song called London Bridge. It contains a parental advisory warning. You refuse to heed these warnings.

I do realize, given that they are parental warnings, that I am the one who's supposed to enforce them. But I figure this is a decent lesson in music genres. You also like a country version, a "Dora" version, and a really lovely one by the Slovak pop singer Miro Zbirka.

Last week, we took a spring break road trip to Indian Wells, California. During one leg of our car ride, you sang London Bridge so loudly that Dad and I could do nothing but look at each other and laugh. You had a fabulous time going down the water slide at our hotel, and screamed random words as you came down each time. "DORA THE EXPLORAH!" seemed to be your favorite. "I love how much fun she's having," one lifeguard observed.

You were on a fry and ice cream diet by the pool, which was fine with me and Dad, because we were on a margarita diet. A good time was had by all, but we also all discussed how excited we were to get home and be in our new house.

"I miss my bed," you said.

"I miss the deck," I said.

"I miss the floor," you said.

Vacation seemed to continue when we got home, since the weather in SF has been awesome. The grill is set up, and Dad has immediately taken to his new role of Grillmaster. Last night over burgers, you requested background music. Guess what it was?