Monday, August 9, 2010

August Update

Dear Scarlett,
Two words: sleep training. We've been doing it for about 2 weeks now, and you are really getting good at going to bed. Naps are tougher, and there's definitely more crying, but I've found if I just leave you alone for a little while, you're much happier and you pass right out. When I go in and try to console you, your crying reaches registers that no mom wants to hear--ever. This must be what it's like to parent a teenager, someone who truly still needs you, but just wants you to go away. Except the teenager can talk back and slam doors. Also, they have more hair.

We do both your morning and afternoon naps at home for consistency, so my life has changed quite a bit. Whereas I used to just take you wherever I wanted to go, now I find myself sitting on the couch, waiting for you to wake up so we can make a quick coffee run before you have to go back to sleep. I'm ok with it, really, because I know it's going to make you a healthier, happier person. Plus I'm re-establishing my relationship with the couch, a seemingly long lost friend. We work well together.

Your newest acquisitions are a Bumbo Chair and a Jenny Jump Up, both of which you seem to be fairly indifferent towards. You indulged us by swinging around in the Jump Up, but I don't think you've truly considered the fun you can have in this thing. Give it a chance! But try not to bang into anything.

New books include If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Daddy Kisses, Good Night San Francisco, and The Mommy Book. You now try to grab the books and lick them, so I'm pretty sure you're going to love reading.

"Uncle" John was here to visit you this weekend. You slept a lot--good girl--but did manage to find time for a photo shoot.

Dad and I have been looking at pictures from when you were born. It seems like so long ago, and you're such a different baby now. You just seem so big, which is funny, since to most people you are still a small little thing. But to us you have grown almost inexplicably. You are so chubby and alert, so interested in your surroundings. Did I mention chubby? Your cheeks are such round little balls; they seem poised to roll off of your face at times. I kiss them all day just to make sure they stay where they belong.



  1. She puts such a big smile on my face. :)

  2. She is a seriously cute baby. Like, no joking around about it. Are you sensing the gravity of her cuteness? Because what I am trying to say is that she is ridiculously cute.

  3. I'm sure you were a cute baby too, Dan. Belated Happy Birthday!

  4. i love Scout in the middle of all the books. She may look like Rob, but she is already her mommy's daughter : )