Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Dear Scarlett,
Last week was a major week for you. You turned 6 months, got shots, ate your first real food, went to your first swim class, bounced in a jumper for the first time, and laughed your head off with Emerson.

We learned from the doctor that you are in the 75 percentile for both weight and height. You are completely healthy and still toothless. You did not perform any screeching for the doctor, but you also didn't cry when you saw him, so that's good. The doctor said that your personality is definitely starting to show and so we've decided that you are going to be feisty and tenacious, very independent, and quiet until you're comfortable, at which point you will let loose a torrent of boisterous (and I hope eventually coherent) opinion.

Your first food was pureed oatmeal, which you seemed to enjoy despite its utter lack of taste. A definite highlight of that first meal was when Dad asked me if I was going to add brown sugar to it. The answer was no. We did add bananas to it yesterday, and after your first bite, you opened your mouth and poured the bananas onto your bib. Not an immediate hit, it seems. We don't really have a meal plan set up for you; we're just adding new foods every few days. I think next up might be carrots, but I'll entertain suggestions from others.

I was so excited for your swim class on Saturday, but you didn't have a good nap that day. Dad and I were debating just skipping the class, but in the end we took you and got a good 5 minutes of happy baby for our trouble. After you went under water for the second time, you decided that the pool was among your least favorite places ever, and cried for the rest of the class. Dad did a great job with you, though, and you both stayed in the water until the teacher dismissed you. And then you screamed your head off in the locker room. I'm convinced you'll like swimming when you're not so tired. Dad says you do not get your distrust of the water from him. Apparently, when he was little, he would make a beeline for whatever body of water might be nearby, even before he could swim, and he had to be watched very closely lest he drown himself. I think this was before people used baby leashes, but he might have been a good candidate for one of those.

On Friday, we went to visit Ellie and Emerson. Eric got home from work before we left and the two of us tried putting you in Emerson's jumper. He loves that thing, but you? You caught some air and flipped out. Again, I think it's something you'll like when you get used to it--so maybe this, too, is part of your personality. Not one too jump too quickly (fine with me, because I'm not a fan of baby leashes or regret.) You bounced back, so to speak, and you and Emerson got a big kick out of Eric spinning a top on the living room floor.

This week we'll experience more firsts. Your grandparents are here from Florida to meet you for the first time. We're taking you to your first Giants game on Thursday. And then, of course, there are the carrots. Give them a chance.