Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Weeks in the Midwest, Part 2

Dear Scarlett,
Ah, how I love the sound of you sleeping. Do you know what it sounds like? Nothing. Delightful. You've been doing such a good job with your schedule since we got home, and I think I deserve this, because during our stay in Wisconsin, you really took advantage of the fact that I went to you every time you cried so that the rest of the house didn't wake up. I need a vacation from our vacation.

We had a wonderful time at the lake--tons of good food, hilarious games of Spoons, Scrabble, Backgammon, and Yahtzee, cocktail cruises and eagle sightings, and an amazing surprise when Uncle Rob pulled out customized t-shirts he made for us (including a onesie for you) that had Papa's picture on the front and a great line on the back.

As usual, much of the trip was spent laughing at the things that came out of Papa's mouth. In particular, he had fun with Uncle Paul's girlfriend Meghan. For some reason, Papa decided her name was Amanda and referred to her that way one entire evening, until someone finally corrected him. What was I thinking? he asked us. We often don't know, we responded. From there, he thought it would be best to just go ahead and call her Carmen Miranda. Again, we don't know why. So one night after dinner, when Papa wanted to play Yahtzee, this is how the "conversation" went:

Papa (from his chair at the head of the dining room table): Ok, it's time to play. Pauly, you sit over here. Nana is going to sit here, next to me. I'm in this chair [editorial note: we know], Carmen Miranda over here, and you [this last part directed at me], you get the hell out of that chair. Your sister is sitting there.

I feigned hurt feelings until Papa let me play the game, too. And I won. Let that be a lesson to you. I'm not really sure what the lesson is...something about your great grandpa being a nut job, and your mom being really good at games.

You turned five months on our first day at the lake, and I think I can safely say that I am done counting your age in weeks, because I truly have no idea what the number would be.

Despite your long nights of wakefulness, you were a joy to be around during the day, and everyone commented on your smiliness and general good nature. You and Nonnie practiced sitting up, which must have been effective, because on the last day of vacation, you popped up on the couch like a little tripod, and now you can sit.

You are still reaching for things, but with much more purpose now. Nothing is safe, and you regularly knock my glasses off, grab clumps of my hair, and stick your fingers in my nose. You think sneezing is hilarious, but only when you do it. You do not like anyone to talk while you are eating, and will refuse to finish if someone engages in this rude behavior. You are constantly interested in what is going on around you, often staring intently at something as if trying to figure it out. You seem older than 5 months to me in many ways. But then you'll stick your entire fist in your mouth and screech at a chandelier, and I'll think oh yes, there's my little baby.