Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sushi dinner

Dear Scarlett,
Tonight we went out for a sushi dinner to celebrate Uncle Rob's birthday. When you saw the edamame approaching the table, you were thrilled. "Pop-out edamame!" you sang. When your sticky rice showed up, you attacked it with chopsticks. But when your tempura veggies arrived, you balked. "They're FRIES!" we all told you. But you did not agree. Dessert, which you got to have even though your dinner left much to be desired, was ice cream and cookies. There was a lot of sugar in that little bowl, and I think that might be why you made the following speech sometime after polishing off the whole thing.

"GUYS! Let's come back here again sometime, and let's tell Uncle Mike that he needs to come, too! Do you know why? Do you know why we need to come back here sometime? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS."

Uncle Rob pronounced you wasted. Then we ordered cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake and you got to try both. Aren't birthdays the best?