Monday, March 11, 2013

New Things

Dear Scarlett,
So much has happened this year that it's hard to keep it all straight, let alone find the time to stop and write about it. Or perhaps that's just me making more excuses.

Nonnie and Pops and Layla the dog lived in San Francisco for two months. We got to see them every day, and you were definitely in a joyous place. Pops came with me most days to pick you up from school, sometimes carrying you out on his shoulders when you were reluctant to leave (every day.) Nonnie took excellent care of Baby Jack and we met them in the afternoons at the playground for swing time. We all felt lucky to have them here for such a long period of time, and we celebrated with lazy Sundays at the Park Chalet, family taco dinners, and numerous happy hours in the kitchen. I could--and probably should--write an entire blog on their time here. I promise that there will be at least one post of photos coming soon.

You took it all in stride when they packed up and drove out of town, and Shishie says this is because you are very secure. You always have a lot of people coming in and out of your life, since we have so many visitors. And I'm happy to see how flexible you can be, sometimes waking up and asking me who is in the guest room today and can you please go wake them up right now?

And right now, our guest room is taken for an extended period of time, because your Uncle Mike has moved in with us to take over where Nonnie and Pops left off. Mike drives us to school, to swim and to the playground. He takes you into the backyard where you pick leaves (not allowed) and chase the neighbor's cat, and he plays catch with you whenever you ask, which is all the time. "UNCLE MIKE!" I hear you screaming frequently. "WHERE ARE YOU?" This is if he has walked away from you for two seconds to do something like drink water or blow his nose.

You also have a lovely new babysitter, Katie, who comes over on Mondays. Today she took you to the zoo and to the beach, and when you came back you couldn't wait to tell me how much you wanted to go into the ocean in your zebra coat, pants, shirt and shoes, but alas..."SHE said no." Instead, "she" helped you find a shell and a flower to bring home to me. It sounds like it was a wonderful day.

I hesitate to put this in writing, but I feel like you're turning a corner in your behavior. You are no longer the constantly frustrated toddler who falls to the floor when stymied. You now have so much language at your disposal, and it is simply amazing and hilarious to talk with you and to hear your interpretation of events. But lest I whitewash this too much, we still have our moments where you sweep everything off of the kitchen table and then bite me.