Monday, April 15, 2013

Our House

Dear Scarlett,
We got some big news last weekend--we have a new house! It won't officially be ours until next month, but that hasn't stopped us from going there and breaking into the backyard, where you catch ladybugs, and I look out at the ocean, in awe that this place is our place. I love the apartment we live in now, but Dad and I have wanted outdoor space for you for a long time. We've wanted a home of our own. And recently, we've wanted to get away from all of the stairs leading to our apartment.

Our new home is all on one floor, and when we first saw it, we knew we could be really happy there. I wrote a letter to the family who was selling it, telling them all about us. On Saturday, we got a phone call. Our offer was not the highest, but they wanted to sell the house to us. It was a really exciting moment, and a little hard to believe. I still haven't quite wrapped my head around the fact that I am a homeowner for the first time. This is the first house I'll have lived in since I was a kid growing up on good old Gunderson.

The place needs some renovating, so we won't be moving in right away. We're working with an architect to open it up a little more, to update some of the rooms, and to put a big deck up so that we can really enjoy the backyard and that beautiful view. Plus it needs a paint job. We'll have to go in phases, but when it's done, I know we will love it. I can't wait.

You are so funny about the house. When I first told you about it, you asked, "Are we in it right now?" We were in our current kitchen at the time. Your imagination is practically explosive, and it is so much fun to play and talk with you. I spent the weekend in Chicago, celebrating your beautiful Aunt Shishie at her bachelorette party. When I got home last night, you shrieked and giggled, "I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!" The feeling was definitely mutual. Although I appreciated the amount of sleep I was able to get on my own, I was really ready to be with you and Dad again. Wherever you guys are, that's home for me. I'm just glad it's going to have a backyard in the near future.