Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dancing Girl

Dear Scarlett,
As I write this, you are spinning around in the living room to Paul Simon's Graceland. This is solidly one of your favorite albums. We're listening to it on Rhapsody, one of our new afternoon activities. Some days we listen to Elizabeth Mitchell, who came recommended by Amanda and was an instant hit. Other days it's The White Stripes or Brett Dennen. Today we tried G. Love. "Is he saying baby has sauce? I don't like this one." Then I tried to expand your Paul Simon repertoire with a little Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. Nixed. But you were into 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

We spent the weekend in Arizona to celebrate your cousin Grant's high school graduation, and at the big Saturday night party, you played DJ for a bit, requesting Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and The Ghost Inside by The Broken Bells. Arizona was awesome, full of hours in the pool and lots of time spent with family, especially your number one pick for the weekend, your 19-year-old cousin Jade.

We've been traveling a lot lately. Aunt Shishie and Uncle Rob's wedding was this month in Chicago. It was an incredible event, held at the coolest wedding venue I've ever seen, Salvage One. The short description is that it's a furniture store in the West Loop, but the reality is so much better than that.

After the 175 guests had filed into their seats, Uncle Rob walked down the aisle holding Baby Jack. You, as Flower Girl, followed with a small bouquet of pink carnations. I couldn't believe what a great job you did, heading down the aisle all alone. Once you got to the front, instead of sitting down, you decided to dance. The song was Wildflowers by Tom Petty, played by a few members of the ridiculously talented wedding band.

Uncle Rob told you to just keep dancing as the rest of the wedding party took their places. Then it was time for Nonnie and Pops to escort Shishie down the aisle. I have never seen her look more beautiful, and she looks pretty good most of the time. Uncle Rob's college roommate and good friend, Daniel, married them. He started the wedding off by yelling "Let's make some noise!!" So that's the kind of wedding it was. I can't wait to see the video. That night, back in our hotel room with Nonnie and Pops and the newlyweds, we went over every detail, so hesitant to let the amazing evening come to an end. One of my favorite parts was when Uncle Rob stood up to speak and announced that he couldn't put his feelings for Liz into words. The band started to play, and I thought his speech was over, but then he launched into a Sam Cooke song, Nothing Can Change this Love. HIGH. LIGHT.

It's not always music and parties these days. There are house renovations to deal with, summer plans to make. But for now, let's just keep dancing.