Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Camp

Dear Scarlett,
Today is your first day of summer camp. It's an easy transition, because it's at school, a place you adore. This week you will focus on art. Or is it music? All I know is that I have to pack you a lunch all week, but next week I can send you without one, because the focus will be on cooking. You'll be making pasta and sauces in the kitchen with Virna (the cook) and 18 other kids. You couldn't pay me to run that show.

You were very excited to go to camp this morning, and searched in your closet for something "fancy" to wear, ending up in a navy blue tank top, gray and pink polka dot sweater, sassy (this means embroidered) jeans, a large peace sign silver necklace, and a blue and white scarf. Why oh why did I not get a picture of this? Oh, I know. Because you were so obsessed with listening to your new favorite song "Scotty Doesn't Know" (note: TOTALLY inappropriate for children), that the whole ensemble only came together moments before we needed to leave. Luckily, you go to Italian school, so even though we were late, we were still among the first to arrive.

You're a little confused about what it means to go to summer camp and then to start a new year of school next month. "Is me four?" you keep asking. Not yet, we tell you.

Uncle Mike got back to San Francisco yesterday, so he and I dropped you off and then tried in vain to get your attention to say goodbye. You had found your friend Leon and a train set, and off you went happily into your day.

My day was a little less blissful. I'm mired in house renovation details, and a to-do list that doesn't seem to get any smaller. But I'm glad Uncle Mike is back to help us, and you were thrilled to see him. You wanted to show him every corner of our new apartment (this did not take long), and you even requested that he put you to bed. Who can blame you if you forget about both of us in favor of your preschool buddies?

When we picked you up from camp, you climbed into the car, shaking sand all over the seats, and announced, "I turned four at school today." You're getting so big.