Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny girl

Dear Scarlett,
You have been very busy this past couple of weeks. You've started laughing, really belly laughing, which is just about the best sound I have ever heard. Dad made you laugh first over at Darren and Kate's in Piedmont. He wasn't really doing much, so apparently you just think his face is goofy. Now you have laughed for me and for Nonnie, though when I try to get it on video, you become very somber. Luckily, Darren is quicker than me and snapped a great photo of your very first laugh.

This week you have mastered rolling from your back to your stomach, something the mom's group moms assured me would not happen for several more months. You practiced for a couple of days, whining when you got stuck, and then one morning, you just flipped, and now we can't keep you on your back at all (except to sleep.)

Last week you also noticed that we have cats. You stared right at Smokey one morning, and then later that afternoon when Emma climbed up on the couch next to us, you petted her with a tiny fist. You still don't seem to know how to relax your hands. Nonnie talked to you about your cats and how you have one skinny gray one and one fat tabby one. Then she got you to run your hand along Smokey's fur and you ripped a big chunk out. Payback for all of Smokey's yelling, I guess. The good news is that he didn't seem terribly upset about it.

You are getting bigger and bigger--turning four months next week--and I just can't believe how everything changes daily. You finally fit into this cute flowery hat, and I was so happy to see you in it, and then Dad said you looked like an inmate. Cutest inmate ever.


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  1. Beautiful! I just love "the sushi dragon," as Grace still calls her.