Friday, July 2, 2010

New Things

Dear Scarlett,
You are 14 weeks old. I should probably say 3 months, since only crazy mothers are still talking in weeks at this point. So anyway, you are 14 weeks old and suddenly have a lot to say. You talk to your rainforest playmat, you talk to the lights on the ceiling, you have lengthy conversations with shirts, and of course you have plenty to say directly to me (mostly cooing, and some shrieking.) You have also figured out how to roll onto your side from your back, and you usually just hang out there, looking at whatever is going on over your shoulder. You are extremely interested in what others are doing, bordering on nosy. You should have seen yourself staring at the two men at a table next to ours at dinner the other night. I apologized for your rudeness, but they thought you were cute. If I had to guess what you are going to be when you grow up, I would say a spy. But you'll have to work on your subtlety.

So far you're tall for your age and swiftly growing out of clothes that are supposed to last until you're 6 months old. It's hard to believe, but almost entirely certain, that you're going to be taller than me one day. You still love to be read to, and our newest books include Guess How Much I Love You, The Paper Bag Princess, Swimmy, and How Do Bears Sleep?

You've also become much more sensitive to the noises around you. I was feeding you during yoga last week when a baby named Hugo started singing loudly to the ceiling fan. You stopped eating, turned bright red, and started to cry. This happened two more times during class. All of a sudden, you are easily distracted. So far the one thing you seem to be able to tune out is Smokey, which I am very grateful for, because he is often so loud and annoying right when you go down for a nap that I have threatened to give him away. Today just as you were falling asleep, he started galloping up and down the hall, screaming like a tiny horse on crack. But you blocked him out. Lucky for him.

You're still an excellent sleeper, mostly going through the night, with a few exceptions. It's still pretty easy to take you places, although you put up a bit of resistance this week when we took you to dinner two nights in a row (once with Ellie, Eric and Emerson and once with Uncle Lem.) You are pretty attached to your bedtime routine, so I know you were wondering why you were at RN74 on Monday instead of in the bathtub. Sorry about that, but we want you to experience all that San Francisco has to offer, even if it happens after 6pm.

This weekend is the 4th of July, so we'll see how you do with the firework noises. My money is on you sleeping through them, and Smokey going totally nuts.