Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting More Family

Dear Scarlett,
You are now 4 months old (18 weeks!) and you have spent much of your time recently being a charming hostess to family. First, Nonnie came back to town to reunite with her new favorite person in the world--You. She sang you a new song called Bushel and a Peck, and now whenever you are fussy, I can sing that song and make you smile. It's like a magic trick, although the truth is that you are doing a lot of smiling and laughing these days. Tonight when I was putting you to bed, you kept looking up at me and smiling, trying to get me to play with you. I couldn't make eye contact with you without laughing, so I finally closed my eyes so I could get you to sleep. Eventually, you grew tired of me and passed out.

Last week you met Aunt Robin, Uncle Matt and cousins Jade and Grant. You adored them immediately. Uncle Matt held you and talked to you in a ridiculous voice, and called you Baba. You were smitten. Your cousins loved holding you and taking pictures with you.

This is the tall side of your family, my dear, and judging by your last doctor visit, I'm not sure you're destined to be one of them. At almost 24 inches and almost 15 lbs, you are exactly average for your age. Nonnie told you that this is the only way in which you are average. And I just want you to know, Scarlett, there is nothing wrong with being 5'4"!

This week we're working on sleep training. We're taking it slowly, so it shouldn't be too dramatic, but I did have to leave you in your crib for 40 minutes today while I took a work call. At first I could just hear you shrieking, but you built up to a wail and cried for the rest of my phone call, missing your nap completely. Scarlett: One. Mommy: Zero.

You've also started reaching for things. Anything, really. Toys, books, hair. I constantly have to extract loose pieces of my hair from your fists. This might say more about my hair than about you, though. It seems to be springing off my head at an alarming rate these days. Pops would say I should give some of it to you, since you're still rocking the aging CEO hairstyle. But you always look good to me!